The Great Divide

There is much conflict in politics and within our society. This conflict is not good for a civil society. Two main causes of conflict are:

  • Those who have want to keep what they have and to have more. Those who have not want to share in the things the world has to offer. They feel, and may be, oppressed in their situation.

  • There is much tension between one's rights and the rights of others. Inalienable rights need to be protected. However, people tend to feel that their interests are inalienable rights. They feel, and may be, oppressed in their situation.

To the extent that people are oppressed, a civilized society should fix that oppression. If we can do that, perhaps people will feel less oppressed. If they feel less oppressed, perhaps they will be more civil.

We need to find balance between claiming our own rights and recognizing rights of others. Everyone has inalienable rights. Anything that isn't an inalienable right must be a privelage. Inalienable rights shouldn't cause division. We need to realize what are truly rights, and what are privilages. The right of one person shouldn't be in conflict with the right of another person.

On the following pages I will lay out what I feel will make a better nation, and how to make it happen. I want to make our contry better, and I know we can make it happen if together. I can't do much without help from others.