A Great Nation Can Do Great Things

A nation can grow and fall. A great nation can do great things. On a personal level we want to do what is best for ourselves. To do the best we can, we need to do what is right for others and for the country. To do that, we need to recognize and be guided by core thruths:

Everyone has certain inalianable rights.

Everyone is in this world through no fault of their own. Once here, we have inalianable rights. Those rights need to be recognized, respected, and protected. We also need to realize what are rights and what are not.

Times have changed.

When this land was discovered, people came to settle here. For the most part, everyone had to take it on their own to survive. They not only had to survive, but they were able to; or else they didn't. They found a place to be and made shelters for themselves. They were able to hunt, fish, and plant gardens for food. To some extent they would work together, but there was a need for becoming civilized with a government.

Today, some people have means to hunt, fish, and plant gardens. Even so, not many of those live off the land as they were once able and needed to in the beginning. Most people today don't have land suitable for those things. With the changing times, there has been a need for a bigger role of government. We need to meet needs of the people through governments to a bigger extent today.

We also need to realize that laws that were good for their time might not be good now. Where there was no law before there may be a need for it now.

Not everyone can be successful.

We live in a land of opportunity. However, not everyone has the same opportunity. Much of that is through no fault of their own. Some are successful through hard work. Some are successful through luck. Some people work hard and aren't successful. Some aren't successful because they don't work for it. Some aren't successful because competitors win. And some never had the same opportunity.

Whatever the reasons, not everyone will be successful; nor can everyone be successful. Some deserve success but don't attain it. As a civilized society we need to help them. They are part of the reason for the success of others. Everyone is a consumer where someone else profits by them being here.

Not everyone is in the same situation.

  • Some people are born into poverty, while some into wealth.

  • Some people are born with a disability, and some others become disabled; while others are blessed with health.

  • Some people are born into abusive families or families with social or other problems. Others are born into loving families where everything is good.

  • We are all born into our race and gender.

  • Some have made mistakes and are living with the consequences.

Whatever situation we find ourselves in, we should make the best of it. We can be happier if we embrace our situation. On the other hand, as a government we should have compassion on those in a bad situation.

We are a product of society.

To a large extent, we are a product of society. We have been influened by:

  • Parents and family

  • Teachers, secular and/or religious

  • Peers

  • Music, television, video games, and other media

  • Things that we have witnessed (heard or saw), even if accidentally

These things and more can influence us for the better or worse. Society benefits from those who have been influenced for the better. Society also needs to take responsibility to some extent for those who have been influenced for the worse. Everyone is responsibile for who they are and what they do, but society also bears responsibility.