Adam and Eve

To understand Adam and Eve, consider the parable of the sower. The sower sows his seed, and the field receives it. Jesus said that the seed represennts the word. As a sower sows his seed in a field, a male sows his seed. The female receives the seed and there is conception.

Adam is to tend the garden. He is to be as a teacher, sowing his words. Eve represents a congregation who is to receive the message. She takes the fruit (message) from the teacher of lies (Satan). She gives to Adam to eat. Rather than partaking of Truth (Tree of Life) he partakes of the message of Satan.

As an allegory, this isn't describing an event that happened in time. Rather, it expresses a spiritual truth that happens without considering time. Sin (error) entered the religious world through the teachers being taught by those who should be learning. The learners (Eve) partook of error. Out of her comes a teacher who teaches the error that he (Adam) learned from Eve.

This is a perpetual truth outside of time. Men are in error. They teach the error. The error is duplicated when one who learned the error becomes a teacher. This continues until we get back to the Tree of Life (Christ). Meanwhile, there are cherubims with a flaming sword to the east of the garden. It seems that they are as security gaurds to keep them from getting to the Tree of Life. I think a more accurate understanding is that they were there to keep the way. Their purpose was to show the way. However, since Adam and Eve chose the error from the other tree, the words of the messengers are threatening as a flaming sword. Adam and Eve are affraid to approach and turn away.

Adam now has to work outside the garden. The field brings forth thorns. The field represents the congregation where he sows his seeds (words). The thorns, according to Paul, represent messengers of Satan. As the teacher sows his seed, the field brings forth messengers of Satan. He is teaching error that came from the wrong tree. Now it makes sense that Satan is a liar and a father of liars.

What does this mean for Jews, Christians, and Muslims? I want to get there, but first let's see how eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil has resulted in three trees, but those three trees will become as one tree, the Tree of Life.