Let's Talk


I hope the things presented are of interest to all. If you are religious, you should want to understand. You should want to eat from the Tree of Life. Error, lies, and falsehood shouldn't have any value at all.

Others have rejected religion because they reject the teachings which were in error. When the Truth makes sense, it may be desireable.

  • If these things make sense, let's share with others.

  • If you aren't sure what to think, let's see what others would think.

  • If you think I am wholly in error, please correct me. You wouldn't want me to lead others astray.

I believe the world will be a better place when religious people understand, with teachers who understand, so that all will understand. I desire to organize a movement, which may mean starting churches (new wineskins) for this new understanding (new wine). These churches will need teachers and people who want to learn. Let's talk.


We can't get away from politics, since a society that we have become needs a government. Politics are influenced by what people want for themselves, what special intrest groups want, and what we believe is best for society as a whole.

Society, and politics, would be better if we can focus on the latter. What is good for society should be good for us.

I would like to start a movement of like minded people to make society better. This includes a need to influence politics. I wouldn't mind doing what I can in an elected office. Perhaps one person can influence politics from the inside, but I feel that I can influence politics more by helping like minded people get elected. Perhaps both, but the most important is to get others elected.

I believe we can start a movement to get like minded people elected to make changes for the better for society as a whole. I envision doing this through a website, social media, and promoting town hall type gatherings. One website can be used for like minded candidates everywhere.